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Under the articles of confederation, congress was made up of

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Chartered in 1785 by the georgia general assembly · founded by abraham baldwin; he also served as the university's first president. · is the oldest public university in the nation. · is the largest of the state's institutions of higher learning. which georgia institution is being described by these statements? a) georgia state university b) the university of georgia c) georgia southern university d) the georgia institute of technology
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In the us, who’s pays income taxes? how are payroll taxes part of the income tax that workers pay to the federal government?
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When were the first 10 amendments to the constitution adopted and what was their purpose?
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Scenario: the economy of country y has been in an economic downturn for the last several months. recently, businesses have invested in new technologies in order to produce the goods that consumers are demanding within the nation's own borders. the government has removed regulations to allow producers and consumers to have more financial freedom. as a result, consumer spending has increased and the economy has begun to improve. use the drop-down menus to complete the sentences. according to the information presented about country y, the classical economic concept of ( the invisible hand, consumer efficiency, government regulations) can be seen. the economic events of country y demonstrate the idea of laissez faire because the government (did, did not) intervene in economic events.
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Under the articles of confederation, congress was made up of...

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