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Facility in which crude oil is converted into useful products such as oil?

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In a world that produces enough food for every human, why is the distribution of food consumption and production so unequal? in a few sentences, explain why production and consumption of food is lower in the least-development countries (ldcs).
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Use your vocabulary words to complete the sentences below. more of the world's population is now concentrated in heavily populated urban areas known as a this is quite a contrast from the past when or native groups were either farmers or — hunters and gatherers who moved between places in search of food. advanced technology has led to the integration of world economics and cultures, in the world's more developed countries. this integration requires , the responsible use and management of natural resources.
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Ascientist is explaining how background cosmic radiation gives evidence of the big bang theory. she says that radiation has been detected everywhere equally as heat in the universe and is increasing. this has been shown to be residual radiation from the big bang. what error did the scientist make?
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When the land and the see warm up at different rates during the day, what is generally the result? -a snow -b rain -c a breeze -d warm temperature
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Facility in which crude oil is converted into useful products such as oil?...

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