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What is one criterion and one constraint for the design challenge described above? (Hint: Your answer should have 2 parts: a criterion AND a constraint)

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What difference(s) did you notice using a pneumatic circuit over hydraulic circuit. explain why the pneumatic piston stumbles when it hits an obstacle.
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Air is to be cooled in the evaporator section of a refrigerator by passing it over a bank of 0.8-cm-outer-diameter and 0.4-m-long tubes inside which the refrigerant is evaporating at -20°c. air approaches the tube bank in the normal direction at 0°c and 1 atm with a mean velocity of 4 m/s. the tubes are arranged in-line with longitudinal and transverse pitches of sl- st 1.5 cm. there are 30 rows in the flow direction with 15 tubes in each row. determine (a) the refrigeration capacity of this system and (b) pressure drop across the tube bank. evaluate the air properties at an assumed mean temperature of -5°c and 1 atm. is this a good assumption?
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What are the two (02) benefits, which may result from a successful implementation of preventive maintenance (pm) program in an organization? (clo3)a)- lean manufacturing b)-overlapping responsibilities c)-the planner is not qualified d)-accurate contractor information e)-reduction in equipment redundancies f)-accurate stores information
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Steam enters a converging nozzle at 3.0 mpa and 500°c with a at 1.8 mpa. for a nozzle exit area of 32 cm2, determine the exit velocity, mass flow rate, and exit mach number if the nozzle: negligible velocity, and it exits (a) is isentropic (b) has an efficiency of 94 percent
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What is one criterion and one constraint for the design challenge described above? (Hint: Your answe...

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