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What is a good way to find a business idea that'll put your talents and interests to the best use? a. search the internet or the yellow pages for information on related subjects. b. open a business with a high profit margin. c. purchase a franchise that needs to follow strict corporate guidelines. d. buy a local business that has been around a long time.

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Excellent inc. had a per-unit conversion cost of $3.00 during april and incurred direct materials cost of $112,000, direct labor costs of $84,000, and manufacturing overhead costs of $50,400 during the month. how many units did it manufacture during the month? a. 18,000 b. 44,800 c. 70,000 d. 30,000
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Most angel investors expect a return on investment of question options: 20% to 25% over 5 years. 15% to 20% over 5 years. 75% over 10 years. 100% over 5 years.
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Mr. pines is considering buying a house and renting it to students. the yearly operating costs are $1,900. the house can be sold for $175,000 at the end of 10 years and it is considered 18% to be a suitable annual effective interest rate. if the house costs $100,000 to purchase, how much would you need to charge your tenants each year in rent? (assume a single payment for the years rent at the end of each year)
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In 1948, the president of the united states earned a salary of $75,000. in 2000, the president earned a salary of $400,000. knowing that the cpi for 1948 is 24.1 and the cpi for 2000 is 172.2, convert the 1948 salary to constant 2000 dollars. when comparing constant dollar amounts, whose salary was worth more--harry truman, president in 1948, or bill clinton, president in 2000
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What is a good way to find a business idea that'll put your talents and interests to the best use?...

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