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Bridget purchased 3 pairs of shoes online. The total bill of $126. 81 included a $7. 50 shipping charge and 6% tax on the total purchase. If the shoes that Bridget purchased were all priced the same, how much did each pair of shoes cost? a. $37. 52 b. $39. 77 c. $42. 42 d. $112. 56.

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Oceanside marine company manufactures special metallic materials and decorative fittings for luxury yachts that require highly skilled labor. oceanside uses standard costs to prepare its flexible budget. for the first quarter of the year, direct materials and direct labor standards for one of their popular products were as follows: direct materials: 2 pound per unit; $ 11 per pound direct labor: 2 hours per unit; $ 19 per hour oceanside produced 2 comma 000 units during the quarter. at the end of the quarter, an examination of the direct materials records showed that the company used 7 comma 500 pounds of direct materials and actual total materials costs were $ 98 comma 100. what is the direct materials cost variance? (round any intermediate calculations to the nearest cent, and your final answer to the nearest dollar.)
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The following information is from the 2019 records of albert book shop: accounts receivable, december 31, 2019 $ 42 comma 000 (debit) allowance for bad debts, december 31, 2019 prior to adjustment 2 comma 000 (debit) net credit sales for 2019 179 comma 000 accounts written off as uncollectible during 2017 15 comma 000 cash sales during 2019 28 comma 500 bad debts expense is estimated by the method. management estimates that $ 5 comma 300 of accounts receivable will be uncollectible. calculate the amount of bad debts expense for 2019.
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On april 1, santa fe, inc. paid griffith publishing company $2,448 for 36-month subscriptions to several different magazines. santa fe debited the prepayment to a prepaid subscriptions account, and the subscriptions started immediately. what amount should appear in the prepaid subscription account for santa fe, inc. after adjustments on december 31 of the first year assuming the company is using a calendar-year reporting period and no previous adjustment has been made?
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Warby parker, a manufacturer of fashionable prescription eyewear, notes on its website, "warby parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a loft objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious business." this excerpt from the company's website states warby parker's
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Bridget purchased 3 pairs of shoes online. The total bill of $126. 81 included a $7. 50 shipping cha...

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