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verstretching of the elastic fibers of the dermis due to rapid growth, obesity, or pregnancy results in linear tears in the dermis that are known as

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The health, management and conservation of biodiversity, is a challenge facing ecosystems worldwide. the major factors that affect the health and function of the great barrier reef are climate change and pollution. which question investigates the effects of a biotic factor on the reef ecosystem?
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Approximately percent of the energy created by cell metabolism is used by the body to carry on its normal functions, such as respiration, digestion, reproduction, muscular movement, circulation, and cellular regrowth.
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Hurry i need your (100 points) 1) what are the responsibilities of the region of the brain highlighted below? (picture located below) the highlighted portion is at the rear base of the brain, behind the brain stem. regulating homeostasis, hunger and eating, thirst and drinking, and many other functions of basic survival. coordinating movement and balance by using information from sensory nerves, including hand-eye coordination. controlling voluntary body movements, processing information from sense organs, thoughts, and learning abilities. regulating important involuntary bodily functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and swallowing. 2)which of the following systems or structures is correctly paired with its function? neurons - brain cells that control thoughts, calculations, and memory cerebral cortex - portion of the brain that controls involuntary body movement peripheral nervous system - carries impulses to and from the central nervous system central nervous system - carries information from the nerves to the muscles and glands
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Stephen is a student who wants to test his knowledge of medical terminology. which option could he use?
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verstretching of the elastic fibers of the dermis due to rapid growth, obesity, or pregnancy results...

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